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Date of Reservation Time of Reservation


    1. Did the reservationist answer the telephone within 4 rings by their name
and the name of the restaurant?

    2. Did the reservationist have knowledge of the establishment: type of food,
dress code, directions, etc.?

    3. Did the reservationist sound polite, professional and speak with a smile in
his/her voice?

    4. Were you greeted by the host in a timely manner?

    5. Did the host smile, make eye contact, greet you warmly and make you feel

    6. Were you thanked and invited to return by a host?

    7. Did a manager visit your table to check on your satisfaction?

    8. If you visited the bar, were you acknowledged within 3 minutes with a
sincere greeting?

    9. Were the bartenders friendly and attentive to your needs?

    10. Did the server or busser greet you in a friendly manner within one minute?

    11. If you requested cocktails by the server, were they served within 3

    12. Did the server have knowledge of the cuisine, acknowledge specials and
assist you in your selections?

    13. Was the server attentive to your needs and easy to contact throughout
your meal?

    14. Did the busser attend to your table maintenance in a timely and
unobtrusive manner?

    15. Did the food and beverage quality meet your expectations?

    16. Was the value of your dining experience consistent with the quality and
quantity of the food and beverages served, the service received from the staff,
and the ambience of the restaurant?


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